Xavi Caballé

tech consultant & software engineer

I'm currently available for hire.

I've been working in software startups for more than 15 years now, some of which I founded or co-founded. As an entrepreneur I'm a generalist, mainly focused on programming and product design, but also doing system administration, database design, or UX design.

Lately I had been working on anti:bleh, a mobile leisure guide that suggests you nearby movies, concerts, plays and musicals, exhibitions, etc., and allows event organizers to distribute e‑tickets.

I've been building web apps with Ruby on Rails and MySQL since 2005, and with other programming languages and databases in the past. I developed in Objective-C/Cocoa for Mac OS X for two years. (I can program for iPhone/iPad too.) I'm also interested in and have some knowledge of Clojure and MongoDB.

You can find out more about me at LinkedIn and from my bookmarks on Pinboard.

I'm currently in Barcelona. You can contact me at xavi@caballe.pro.